“‘No no no, just no. I’m sorry but your opinion is invalid. Actually, I’m not sorry. ‘Cause if you lived in the real world like the rest of us, you’d realize that this idealism that you hold so dearly is just the dreamer’s wettest dream. People die every day, people kill every day. For money, for sex — anything they want. People hate other people. For money, for power — anything they want. We’re all just selfish mounds of flesh looking to constantly please ourselves. So don’t tell me we’re all connected and belong to a higher power and shit. No one really cares.’
‘I don’t think we’re all like that.’
‘Well, most of us are — just accept it and you’ll be better off.’
‘I don’t think I can.’
‘Eh, whatever floats your boat, baby. Anyway, you going to Emma’s thing on Saturday? Free booooze…’”

for you

dropxlife and his house plants

Anonymous asked: i don't like the weeknd


When we get inside ‘The Zone’,it’s nothing but ‘Crew Love’ for us ovoxo fans…this is what we ‘Live For’

Abel the selfie master. xo

oh my god he is so tiny how is this even possible


this is my favorite tweet

Anonymous asked: What was all that cocaine song fuss yesterday on twitter??


well two girls decided it was super funny if they would play a prank on the rest of the xo fans, saying that the weeknd dropped a new song called ‘cocaine’ and tweeted that they were listening to it and so should we. ofc everybody went looking for the song but it was nowhere to be found, because obv, it didn’t exist

so then they deleted their tweets and laughed

i was honestly so disgusted last night when this happened. i can’t believe someone finds this kind of stuff funny. or maybe i’m oversensitive, but i never liked it when people played jokes on purpose. just so they can laugh and have fun off of it. i find this really childish and just not okay at all

idk man

some fans need to grow up. if they’re not mature enough to don’t do childish stuff like this wtf are they even doing listening to the weeknd. this sure as hell ain’t for kids